This building may have been home to humans once, but must be a form of the imagination of the characters, mixed with Encablossa's dark alternate demension's twisted mind. If you look around you may find some stairs, and hallways. Follow these and you'll find multiple areas that are a sort of dungeons with skeletons, machines with drills on it, necromorphs, scorpians, sculptors, sculptor maestros, angel statues, and mirrors in it. The skeletons, and perhaps the maestros as well, seems they where tortured but it is not known why. Now deformed beings roam the hall.

Boss: Loki

Trivia Edit

If you look at some of the pictures on the walls in the Hall of Arrogance you can see the game developers faces.

Once you progress in Kendal's story after you clear the floors of the vestibules and libraries of memories you can enter a basement made into a dungeon for torturing in the Antechamber where you can find multiple cages, torturing devices and the glass of serenity. (You must head down the hallway toward the Sunrise Atrium and select "no" in order to walk around in the room and find the basement.)