In Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders and Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes the pub is a place where you can hire mercenaries and talk and listen to soldiers. Just don't try to offer a mercenary too little in gold for his help or he might get pissed off and won't want to talk to you.

Sometimes you may also find certain characters in the pub, however you never have to visit the pub even when it's highlighted gold. Sometimes it might be wise to visit the pub when it is not highlighted in gold, since some Characters may be in there, although the talk may not be intresting (Which is why the game does not highlight the pub) but other times, you will learn some background of a certain character, or just a little bit more of the story.


  • When hiring a mercenary, to a get a low price for him to join your army, offer the next amount of Gold below his offer, if he does not accept and makes an offer that is a little bit lower than his original offer, say you'll come back later, then speak to him/her again the price will be the same allowing you to bargin even more, but repeating this, you could save a lot of Gold.