Ogres inhabit Hexter along with orcs. They are massive humanoids with long arms, and a posture of that of an Ape. They are generally higher in rank than orcs and usually lead them into battle. Some intelligent or skilled ogres will rise to the position of warcheif in their tribe and command the whole tribe. They are more intelligent than most orcs but not as intelligent as humans. Ogres are massive warriors capable of killing whole units single handed without any weapons, they are not to be underestimated. When Regnier took over Hexter, the Ogre cheiftains gave him their complete loyalty and the command of their tribes.

Known ogres

  • Urukubarr: Commander of the Western Tribes of Hexter, as well as leader of the Gorzanik Tribe, and the strongest ogre warrior in Hexter, Urukubarr is currently under Regnier's command.
  • Amasha: A Warchief unfer Urukubarr's command
  • Omgar: A Warchief unfer Urukubarr's command
  • Kinsa: A warchief under Jubal's command.
  • Kulu: A warchief under Jubal's command.
  • Thaknarb: a hierable ogre in the bar (dark legion only)
  • Urgog: a hierable ogre in the bar (dark legion only)
  • Rulkmorg:a hierable ogre in the bar (dark legion only)
  • Darokha: Leader of the Eastern Tribes of Hexter, and warchief of the Darokha Tribe, Darokha's Strength, and numbers are second only to the strongest warrior in Hexter, Urukubarr.
  • Jubal: Leader of the Juraï Tribe that shares the border with Hironeidon as Master of Eastern Hexter, he is third strongest warrior in Hexter and shares an alliance with Vellond. Jubal's nickname is "The Black Anvil"
  • Charuga Father of jubal and former Chifeten of the jurri tribe.
  • There are a few others in the Pub when you are playing various Dark Legion Campaigns, but they are not significant
  • Nazarahm is argumentabaly the fourth strongest ogre in hexter completing this group of four mighty ogres as no other orc chifeten is mentiond and who is green besides Rulkmorg. likeJubal Nazarahm was branded a traitor by urukubarr and the united orcs. Unlike Jubal however Nazarahm is marked a traitor for the right reasons as he sold Gorzanick orcs as slaves where as Jubal was wrongly branded as urukubarr was not in posestion of the knowledge that Kadaes was behind the "ghoul raid." Nazarahm looks to be slain by urukubarr in the first level of urukubarr campaighn. but in the seccond mission he is then saved by urukubarr during the "ghoul raid" when this should be Darokha he saves. so if Nazarahm is now part of the mighty orc and ogre tribe allience we may never know?