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2019-09-26 Another update - Potential release is scheduled for November of this year - Will it be delayed again for another 10 years? Who knows Only time will tell. Check out the discord for the latest updates found here -

2019-8-6/ A North American and European release finally coming in 2019?

4 years of push backs will we ever see the light of day?

2015-10-19/ Rumours speculate that this game should see an EU release on the 20th October on the Kingdom Under Fire II forums.

2012-6-30/Tell your friends about this wiki! Lets grow it!

2012-6-17/Phantagram claims KUF: II to be released later at the end of 2012, KUF: II is confirmed on PS3, and PC, Xbox 360 is still in talk with Microsoft.

2009-2-11/The kingdom under fire wiki gets 100 articles.
Let's hope this will continue to grow up until KUF II
2009-2-8/Kingdom Under Fire II has been confirmed for a 2009 release.
Kuf II was announced last year and now is confirmed for a 2009 release on pc and xbox 360.Expect it to come out this fall.So rally your troops and prepare for battle this year as you march across Bersia.
2009-1-25/Kingdom Under Fire II features single player campaigns as well. The game will put the players in the shoes of many of the heroes of Bersia, both new and familiar, and immerse them in the Kingdom Under Fire universe as it continues the main story. On top of the campaign mode, additional single player missions will be available as downloadable contents.
Introducing a new hero in the Kingdom Under Fire franchise, Isabella, the leader of Dark-elf, is as cold-blooded as she appears, and specializes in using ice magic and freezes anything gets in her way.More...[1]
2008-11-14/Kingdom under fire II warfare Trailer.Enjoy...[2]

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A General of the Second Division Ecclesian Holy Knights. Kendal was born in Azilla, a tributary of Ecclesia. He defends the Holy Ground against the Dark Legion. As an Azillan, he must maintain strict faith in God. He has reservations about his assignment defending the Holy Ground, but does not object because of his honor. He is a skilled tactician.

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