The king of Vellond and father of Leinhart. He controlled all of Vellond and dispatched Half-Vampires to watch over his peers, some Dark Elves however led a revolt and became known as the Kaedes. During the Encablossa war Valdemar was poisoned and died. He then met Leinhart in the The Dark Dimension and gave him advice on how to escape and told him why he can speak to him and that he had died. He told Lienhart that he had to reclaim Vellond.


Valdemar is the father of Leinhart. He ruled Vellond, the home of Dark elves and Vampires. Later he gained controll of Arien but Arein was soon recaptured by the Humens. As Valdermar is a half vampire his powers are legendary and comparable to that of Regnier but because of the political state in vellond due to the kades and his age, Valdermar is not suted for battle and thus not as powerful when compared to Regnier. Still, he is powers are not to be doubted as it was his power that prevented Regnier from invading Vellond.

Involment in Kingdom Under Fire The CrusadersEdit

Valdemar is only mentioned by Leinhart in this game.

Involment in Kingdom Under Fire HeroesEdit

In Kingdom Under Fire Heroes, Valdemar plays a massive role in both Lienhart and Morene's campaigns, he gives advice, but you never see him, despite the fact that he was supposed to be in a unit near the end of Morenes' campaign.

Involment in Kingdom Under Fire Circle Of DoomEdit

Valdemar guides Leinhart through the Dark dimension in this game, he gives help and guidence to his son. Finally you will see Valdemar in person, and he looks very old and carrys a stick to lean on.


In Kingdom Under Fire Heroes, Valdemar was killed, murdered. While in Kingdom Under Fire Circle of Doom, he claimed to Lienhart that he was poisened near the Alter of Nowart, despite the fact that in Kingdom Under Fire Heroes, he made it back to Vellond. It was actually a double who was killed by the Kaedes near the end of Morene's campaign. So it must mean that the original King Waldemar was killed by poison near the Nowart.