Kaedes is a Dark Elf resistance group formed by Rithrin. Its origin can be traced back to the ancient History of Bersia, when the nation of Dark Elves were usurped by Vampires of Vellond.

Background Edit

The Kaedes fight for the independence of Dark Elves. Before his death, Rithrin led the Kaedes. In present day Bersia, they are led by Lucretia, a Dark Elf commander of Vellond. During The Encablossa War they destroyed Arein and now rule Vellond. What they did to the Half-Vampire King Valdemar however is confusing due to the fact that in Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes he was killed via melee. But it is later mentioned that it was in fact only a double and that the real King Valdemar was indeed already dead, maybe by poison as he later said to his son. In Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom, he tells his son, Prince Leinhart, that he was poisoned near the Altar of Nowart. Whatever did happen it still led to Vellond no longer being under Vampire rule.

Future Appearances Edit

In Kingdom Under Fire II, it is believed that an Albino Dark Elf character named Isabella will be the leader of the Kaedes, who now rules Vellond.