Officers justino
Vital statistics
Title Knight
Gender Male
Race Humen
Faction Ecclesian
Health Unknown
Level 47 (Nowart)
Status Dead
Location Nowart

Justino is Walter's best friend and a holy knight.He helps Walter in various battles but meets his fate at Nowart, attempting to destroy the Ancient heart.


Justino was envolved in clearing out Arien of the Dark Legion. He is later envoled in reclaiming the Ancient Heart and destroying it. He eventurly meets his fate at Nowart, trying to destroy the ancient heart.


Sir Justino is Sir Walter's Right hand man, best friend, and second in command. Walt trust's Sir Justino with his life, and vice versa. Sir Justino is prominent in almost all of Walter's missions as he is his military advisor. Sir Justino would meet his end at Nowart along with Sir Walter, and the rest of his army. Sir justino is also introduced during Ellen's campaign, and represents Ecclesia early on in her campaign, however he is not a major factor in most of the descisions that she makes. His only role in Ellen's campaign was being her commanding officer during the beginning portion of the campaign.


  • Justino is Sir Walter's best friend.
  • Justino is a Mounted Knight in silver armour in several occasions, but he is most seen unmounted.
  • Justino commands spearmen.
  • Justino seems to be a mounted knight as seen in Ellen's second mission. Sir Justino may have been in Walter's troops after the events of Greyhampton.