• Hironeiden

Ruled by the ill-Tempered King Saul during Kingdom Under Fire: Crusaders, and Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes, and ruled by King Gerald, and Queen Ellen at the end of the Encablossan War. Though this kingdom follows the principles of the Ecclesian church, it's standpoint differs greatly from Ecclesia since religious belief had caused the everlasting conflict with Dark Legion. For people of Hironeiden who must fight bloody battles for survival, religious belief of Ecclesia may not be enough cause to make them devout believers. Hironeiden stretches from Hironeiden City to Esse and Jungsburg in the north. It shares the border with Hexter, The Jurai Tribe and The Dark Legion. It has a feud with Ecclesians as they do not share the same religous beliefs. However, Hironeiden took over Ecclesia after the Encablossan War after Ecclesia suffered heavy damage and could not sustain itself as a nation any longer and united the Western border of Bersia. Hironeiden's Capital is now where Ecclesia once stood.