The arid land in the south-east of Bersia where predominantly Ogres and Orcs live and originate from, and also where the War of Heroes took place as well as the Crusades.

It is made up of 30 Orc and Ogre tribes of various size and strength. The strongest tribe in Hexter is the Gorzanik Tribe, lead by Urukbarr the Master of Eastern Hexter but is closely followed by The Jurai, lead by Jubal the Black Anvil, who share the border with Hironeiden.

After Valdemar's conquest of Vellond, he decided to focus his attention on Hexter, creating a Appeasement Plan, overseen by Leinhart, to take over Hexter as a province of Vellond. The plan which consisted of secretly supporting and arming the weakest tribe in Hexter, Darokha, which would absorb other tribes and create alliances with the other larger tribes, such as the Jurai. After the failure of the Plan via Kaedes's interference in framing Vellond for the usage of Ghouls, and the subsequent deaths of the Vellond-Pro tribes by the now allied Gorzanik and Darokhan forces, Valdemar enlisted the help of Regnier to help take Hexter by force, which Regnier does within 2 months.

Regnier rules Hexter as a ally of Vellond  with an amused tolerance unbefitting of a vassal. His command of the various Orcs and Ogres is impressive, and those races hold Regnier in a state of awe, fear, and respect.

Hexter is the site of most conflicts in Bersia, primarily due to the Altar of Destruction being within Hexter.