Vital statistics
Title Commander
Gender Male
Race 3/4th's human, 1/4th elf.
Faction Hironiden
Status Alive
Location Bersia

Glen is the son of Gerald and Ellen and is one of the main characters in Kingdom Under Fire II. He is a dark and bitter individual due to his unnaturally long life, and has grown apart from the rest of society. Like his father, and his parent's before that, he tends to have trouble with authority, which tends to be a bit of a family tradition. He weilds his father's sword and has a similar move set, the exception being an option for ranged attacks using the Snaphance Pistol.

  • Weapon: Broadsword, Snaphance Pistol
  • Skill: Melee


  • No need to ask! Let the Darks know their death collector is here!(turns to face the enemy) Spare no life!

Russo(?): Who dares give a command to make a search team?! Who are you?!
Glen: Glen.