General infomation--------

The elves,(more commonly known as rangers or forest elves)are the most powerful melee unit and allies to the humans.They normally attack in 4s or 5s but pose to be strong enough to maintain fighting 2 units of orcs single-handedly.They can also have a huge array of magic spells and a stronger elemental boost than their dark counterparts.Sadly,they are not playable in Kingdom Under Fire Heroes or Kingdom Under Fire The Crusaders and just an ally on some missions.


They have a powerful defence and speed reaching through an entire map in just half a minute or so.They alsohave an unusual attack form,a combo attack spinning and attacking trice.They can cast blizzard,curatio,meteor and lightingstorm etc.They have no archers or ranged units(KUF:Heroes & KUF:The Crusaders) sadly but make it up for their amazing speed making them a big help in battles. In KUF 2 you can add elf archers to your units which have a higher range spam and more damage than human archers.