Ecclesia is a devout Human nation who worship God and incorparate their religion in their everyday life. It was ruled by The Patriach, the religious and politcal leader and the Ecclesian Patriachal Court. The current Patriarch of Ecclesia was Dimitri the Third, whose religious ideology dictates the "Extermination of unconvertible barbarians and unification of Bersian Continent under one faith." Dimitri had taken over Azilla as a tributary nation while Azilla was in chaos over the king's throne. He considers the Ancient Heart to be a devil's artifact and will excommunicate anyone who speaks of or attempts to learn about it.

Ecclesia has a large and varied army. It even has Battaloons in its army. It has elite Patriachal Emmisaries lead by the legendary Walter. Kendal is the High General of the Ecclesian Army and leader of the Crusade. It is because of the troops that Ecclesia  has that has made it become the most powerful nation in the whole of Bersia. However when The Encablossa War reached its climax, Ecclesia was destroyed by the Encablossan Demons. After the war ended, the City was rebuilt by Hironeiden as Hironeiden's new Capital city.

According the Kingdom Under Fire II map, Ecclesia is still a faction, and Ecclesians are still in Bersia, yet Hironeidens rule a massive amount more than the Ecclesians, who now rule very little. Not only has Ecclesia gotten smaller, but its enemies such as Vellond have grown. According to the map, it is now the Encablossans who rule most of the land.

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