"Dark Elves" or Vells for short, are one of the sapiant races of Bersia. While they lack the physical strength of Orcs and Orgres, or the technilogical inginueity of Humans, they make up for this in magical ability.

History Edit

Dark Elves have a long history of interacting separately with the other races of Bersia almost excessively. This may be contributed by the fact that they have an almost innate sense of superiority they posses. This can also be because of a geological explanation. Inhabiting the northeastern part of Bersia, Vellond, the Dark Elves have long fought amongst themselves for territory and supplies.

About a dozen or so Dark Elf kingdoms inhabited Vellond. Unlike the Human nations to the west or the Orc/Ogre tribes of Hexter, the Dark Elves did not get along with each other; in fact, quite the opposite. They very frequently engaged each other in war, preventing them from ever uniting under a common banner.

This continued for hundreds of years of on-and-off fighting

Anatomy Edit

The dark elves are almost all females warriors, you can also see male warriors such as Rithrin. The vells are exactly the same as regular elves in KUF, but their skin is darker.

Powers Edit

Healing tree: The vells summon a white tree that heals all allies in a small distance. Elemental Boost: In infantry, it provides with electrifying swords for a while, in arches it´s almost the same, but the arrows turn red. Increase damage in both cases.

In-game Abilities Edit

Dark elves have a unique ability to heal in trees,they lack power and health but can easily surpass the power of humans with the help of elemental boost which costs 200 SP. Dark elves are very fast and most of their heroes are good in defense. They can also run and use a "dashing attack" that can knock down the enemy which is useful due to their lack of strength. They also have the best archers in the game which can boost their power into elemental strikes and can fire two rounds of arrows although their arrows are weaker(With the exception of boosted arrows)than human arrows and they have shorter range Note: Dark elves DO NOT have any support units.