Celine image1
Vital statistics
Title Queen of Azilla
Gender Female
Race Elf
Faction Azilla
Health Depends on LV
Level Can go up to Lv 120 In Kingdom Under Fire Circle of Doom
Status Dead, Spirit still alive in the dark dimension
Location Dark Dimension


The Former Queen of the Elves, she is driven to restore her love, Curian


Curian and Celine were able to help stop Encablossa from getting into the world, but those that went into Encablossa went into his dimension. Curian along with Celine and others were pulled into Encablossa's dimension. In the dimension, Curian suffered from mutation as did all Humans in there. He departed from Celine and locked himself up at the end of The City of Desolation, Celine who had tried to help him , thought that she had failed to save him, and soon her hair turned white from stress, while her Lover's spirit lost its mind in her dreams (The only place they could contact each other) new hope came and Celine was able to save her lover's spirit, however should Curian mention the name Celine he shall vanish from her forever. Moonlight explains this too him, and tells him not to say her name when he sees her, Curian never says the name and he lives with Celine till the end of time as spirits (It is assumed that Celine, kills herself) in the dark dimension, as the book of Truth states.


  • It is assumed that Celine killed herself after restoring her lover's spirit to be with him forever as a spirit.
  • Celine has blond hair in her dreams, but in reality her hair has turned white from stress.
  • You never actually see Celine and Curian together in Kingdom Under Fire: A War of Heroes.

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