Back when the Ages only changed a few times, the Blacksand Tribe were once an advanced race of creatures supposedly created by Encablossa. The Tribe was so advanced that they built a portal dimension to contact Nible, the Lord of Light.

Encablossa was enraged by this and cut out their tounges to where they could only speak fifteen words. The Blacksand Tribe was cursed with the lack of communication and could not speak and negotiate with each other and the city fell to ruins.

The city has been in desolation for centuries, and the Blacksand Tribe became feral creatures attacking anyone on sight.

The Blacksand Tribe likes shiny, glittering objects, because thats what was left of their once advanced city.

The Blacksand Tribe has three races in its species, Blacksand Soldier, Blacksand Warrior, and Blacksand Shamans.