The Altar of Destruction is the place where the Ancient Heart was found. It was raised by the Lich Killiani to be used as a portway to The Dark Dimension and to release Encablossa. The Altar was the site of the First War of Hereos and much of the Second War. The Altar was protected by Elemental Creatures, namely Fire Wraiths, however Walter and the Patriachal Guards destroyed them and gained hold of the Ancient Heart, after Rithrin and Kaedes had led him there. After he got the heart, he excuted Rithrin and told him to be thankful for the Lord's mercy. In the distance Lucretia watches as her ex-lover is killed by Walter and the Patriarch.


  • In Walter's mission set in the Alter of Destruction area, the Dark Legion are fighting the Hironeidens, it is up to the player to fight and help the Hironeidens, or to just get on with the mission, however the player should note that on this level, enemies and allies are everlasting, sadly this level allows only for 1 troop other than the heroes troop, so you can only get a maxium of 17,000 exp. Also in Walter's mission, the area is quite clear and not a lot of sand is flying around.
  • In Lucretia's mission set in the area of the Alter, the area is full of sand flying around and there is no moutains. Although Lucretia was at a different part during Walter's mission, she eventually did get to his area, where everything is different.
  • Walter's mission in the Alter of Destruction is the only mission where enemies are everlasting.